Tea Tree Oil: The Best Toe Fungus Killer

Nails can be beautiful only if they are healthy. Many people are familiar with such distasteful disease as fungus, when nail plates both on hands and foots lose their attractiveness, begin to crumble, break, and peel off. It is not easy to make away with insidious fungus, but if you use tea tree oil on your toenails, you can avoid these troubles.

Everybody, who wants to be healthy, should know about medical properties of this natural anti-oxidant and insidiousness of the fungus infection.

Healthy legs step on the grass

Fungus is Insidious and a Dangerous Disease

Nail fungus destroys the nail plate; it becomes thin, crumbles, and flakes off. The appearance of the entire hand or foot is corrupted, and it can mean troubles at work, in communication. If you don’t cure the pathology, then infection occupies a larger area, fungi penetrate nearby tissues, and strike it with a disease and spreading further with blood all over organism.

Healthy people can catch this disease in completely different places. Most infectious diseases occur during contact with an infected person. But there are also another ways of contagion by parasitic fungi. Onychomycosis — that is a medical nail plate disease name, which spreads from one ill person to another very quickly. The best conditions for pathogenic microorganisms is a humid environment, that’s why they can be caught in the following places:

  • During attendance of swimming pool, sauna, bath, if you walk barefoot in the dressing room
  • At home in a bathroom when using another’s personal hygienic items
  • When wearing shoes over bare feet (which can cause the feet to sweat)
  • When using someone else’s shoes (slippers, when you’re visiting friends)

Moreover, fungus infection can invade feet in conditions of excessive sweating, or hands of people, permanently working in humid conditions. If you don’t want a disease to take over your nail plates, it is necessary to learn how to look after them, and your good companion could be an essential oil of tea tree, which restores nail plates, taking action in a regeneration of damaged tissues.

The Health of Tea Tree

The wonderful melaleuca tree grows in Australia. Europeans got to know it after Cook visited this continent. Aborigines told that their aroma tea was made from melaleuca leaves. The beverage was divine, that’s why travelers called this tree “tea tree”. Oil, which is made from these leaves, is also rich in useful substances.

Oil of tea tree is rich in alpha-terpinene, sabinene, alpha-phellandrene, alpha-pinene. These substances determine its top germicide and antiseptic properties. During the war-time Australian soldiers always had essential oil of tea tree in a medical first-aid kit, which has been used for treating wounds. Then this substance has been used for treatment of fungus diseases, parasitical skin and nails disorders. It has been used in gynecology, for disorders of the nasopharynx and oral cavity treatment. That’s why it is necessary to mention its basic properties:

  1. Stops in full inflammatory process
  2. Helps fight infective and virus diseases
  3. Dissolves bruises, tumors, hydrops
  4. Moistens and softens skin covers
  5. Stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair bulbs
  6. Defends from development of carcinomas
  7. Is used for prevention of STDs
  8. Is applied for mouth disinfection
  9. Treats all skin disorders (zits, blackheads, acne etc.)

Using Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus

Tea tree oil cures many skin diseases, such as foot fungus. There are many methods of application, but let’s note the most simple and proven methods, which are suitable for at-home use. A substance has stiff consistency, that’s why you need only several drops.

Sometimes medical professionals and healers recommend mix tea tree oil with coconut oil for fungus treatment if the skin is thin and delicate. It helps to lower concentration.

Rubbing tea tree oil in an infected toenailMethod 1. Rubbing anti-fungus oil into nail plate

This method is good for people who have detected the early stages of the disease. Apply 1 — 2 drops of the oil onto nail plate and rub it with massage movements not only in infected but also in the healthy plates. In this way, you perform both treatment and preventive measures. After this care, the infection will not spread to healthy nail plates. The course of treatment lasts at least 2 — 3 months. Rubbing should be performed 1 — 2 times a day.

Tea tree oil bath for infected fungus nailMethod 2. Baths for hands and feet

Take a dish. Pour 1 liter of hot water, add 1 spoon of liquid soap and 20 drops of oil. Lower your hands or feet with infected nail plates to the dish. Keep them until the water turns cold.

Applying cotton pad with tea tree oilMethod 3. Application of tea tree oil

Heat tea tree oil (you can lower flask to warm water). Drip a drop of it on a cotton pad or gauze pad. Apply to nail plates and leave for 15 — 20 minutes.

Method 4. Oil with honey for feet

Healing masks of tea tree oil and honey will help fight the fungus on feet. Take 1 teaspoon of honey, add 10 oil drops, and thoroughly stir until you have a uniform consistency. Apply this mixture on a cotton pad and attach it to the infected nails.

Cream with tea tree oil for fungus treatmentMethod 5. Oil with cream

Tea tree oil possesses mighty effect. It can be used in small doses by adding it to any nourishing cream, shampoo, liquid soap, and lotion.

Advantages of Tea Tree Oil over other Oils

Among a great number of different old wives’ remedies, treating nail plates with tea tree oil show the greatest benefits. Its specialty and advantage are as follows:

  • Versatility, i.e. actual absence of negative side effects
  • Easy use
  • Can be used at different stages of the disease
  • An optimal combination of other, equally effective and efficient means

When we talk about relative ease of use, we should note that in order to achieve a quick positive result you can simply lubricate the nail plate with tea tree oil and do it several times a day.

To enhance the treatment effect, it is recommended to use a special bath of vinegar and potassium permanganate prior to the oil application. This bath will facilitate skin or nail decontamination and soften nail plate’s structure. After this bath, it is recommended to remove the substance from all of the affected skin or nails, wipe nails with hydrogen peroxide and only after that you should apply composition or an attachment pad.

Additional Means for Fungus Treatment

Prescribed medication is capable of eliminating the fungal disorder as effectively, as well as to lower unpleasant and irritating pain senses. Also, oil offers an opportunity to eliminate the smell completely, which usually accompanies the disorder.

For better results of treatment, it is necessary to reconsider your nutrition in such a way that strengthens your immunity as much as possible. You should include into your ration more garlic for toenail fungus, which helps to fight with the disorder from inside and seriously strengthen your immunity.

Many experienced specialists recommend using Echinacea elixir, which is also directed at boosting organism’s protective system.


Fungal dermatitis is not only an exterior disorder, which can cause some cosmetological defects. It is a more serious disorder, which can cause trouble in the whole organism.

It is not difficult to recognize this disorder because after contagion it immediately manifests itself with many external symptoms. These symptoms may be a change of nail plate’s color, it’s significant thickening, and, if the disorder infects the skin, then it manifests itself with a strong itch, redness, and peeling.

When symptoms appear, don’t worry but act immediately, as the forehanded care, assigned by professional, it’s capable of defeating it quickly. After that ill person should only practice proper hygiene and perform preventive actions, which help not to give the disease another chance.

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