Nail Fungus from Acrylic Nails: How to Treat and Avoid Reoccurrences

After acrylic nail extensions, fungus may appear. You can avoid this problem if you follow professional advice.

If the fungus settles in the body, it is able to ruin your life, especially if we`re talking about nail fungus. Women take pride in the beauty of their hands – applying masks, creams and nail extensions. If masks and creams with natural ingredients help your hands, extended nails may cause fungus to emerge. What should a woman do, if she has noticed this problem, and who may be affected by this unpleasant disease?

Acrylic manicure pink flowersWho is at Risk for Fungal Infections?

This disease spreads with great speed, and if it is left untreated, the fungus begins to affect the internal organs. Therefore, you should not neglect the treatment, which must be regular and sustained. Women over the age forty are the utmost at risk for nail fungus. But young girls often suffer from getting the parasite into the nail plate after having nail extensions.

Tip: In order to avoid problems, visit only proven professionals.

Tip: Make sure that manicure and pedicure tools are disinfected or disposable tools.

If you think that this disease is rare, be proven wrong. Nail fungus is common and spread all over the world; people suffer, losing their beauty and self-confidence.

Who is at Risk of Nail Fungus?

Ladies, who have this disease, face an esthetic problem. Peeling skin and split yellow fingernails do not indicate grooming and beauty. But the disease is much worse, so it requires urgent treatment. If a woman is concerned about preventive measures, she asks herself: who is at risk for nail fungus?

As mentioned above, the older a woman is, the more likely it is that she can catch nail fungus is. The disease may occur in people, who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. In winter, the body`s immune system is weak, especially after cold-related diseases. The body cannot fight harmful microbes properly, and the disease spreads into toenails or internal organs very quickly.

Tip: In cold weather, people at risk are better to give up the idea of visiting a beauty salon in order to get nail extensions.

How to Take Care of Extended Acrylic Nails Properly?

Now, it is popular among women to have acrylic nails. This material does not get yellow under the sun and when subjected to water. After this procedure, women are concerned about how to care for acrylic nails properly? Special care begins on the first day after the procedure:

  • On the first day, do not wet your hands with water; do not visit a sauna or a bathhouse. Fragile artificial nails will suffer from temperature changes.
  • Fresh acrylic nails are very brittle. Do not wave your hands or tap your nails on a hard surface.
  • You will get used to the new design a couple of days later, and competent care will become ordinary and familiar.
  • Do not wash the cookware without special rubber gloves, as the high temperature of water and detergents destroy extended nails.

Important: Special gloves made of elastic rubber help save not only the extended nails but also the skin on your hands.

Tip: Do not make warm baths for your hands as extended nails may be affected by these procedures. It is better to use beneficial creams and lotions.

Manicure procedure healthy nailsContraindications for Nail Extension

There are many occasions in life when a woman wants to look like a million dollars. But contraindications for nail extension should make you forget about this procedure. Perhaps this process will not do any harm, but in these cases, it is better to wait and form nails after a certain time. Contraindications include:

  • Hormonal disorders in women
  • Poor blood circulation and vascular disease
  • Herpes with lesions on the hands or the face
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Graves’ disease
  • Diabetes

Before the procedure, inform the manicurist, if you know that you have any of the following problems:

  • The occurrence of sudden stress, which could entail hair loss and nail peeling
  • Allergy to the materials used
  • Pregnancy

A manicurist may refuse to perform the procedure, if the following nail traumas are noticed:

  • Hematomas under nails
  • Different nail injuries
  • Fungus

Humid hands are not a contraindication to the procedure. But in this case, the nail artist should warn you about the possibility of artificial nail separation.

Tip: If this happens, make the correction more often than usual.

Getting ofа acrylic nails with a wood stickAcrylic Nail Fungus Treatment

In the early stage of the disease, you can return your nails the former healthy look by using folk methods. If the treatment of nail fungus by home remedies is long and there are no improvements, then you should visit a doctor. There are several effective ways that help get rid of this problem.

Recipe №1: Using kombucha. This is the best remedy for nail fungus. Use the fermented tea, rubbing it into the nail plate and the skin of your fingers, or use fungus itself for the treatment. Rub it into the nails before going to bed on a daily basis.  Treat this way for at least a month.

Recipe №2: The use of iodine. Put iodine on your nails before going to bed. Continue this until you notice improvements. In the morning, treat your nail plate with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. After this treatment, apply a gauze soaked in penicillin.

Recipe №3: Warm your hands in a bowl of hot water. Add an amount potassium permanganate, for a weak solution. After that, polish your nails with pulped onion or hot pepper juice. Do this every day, at any time of day, for 20 days.

Recipe №4: Crush a clove of garlic. Mix the slurry with a spoon of vegetable oil and grease your nails with the mixture.

fungus after inappropriate care of acrylic nails

Special Home Nail Care After the Removal of Artificial Nails

When you return from a beauty salon after removing gel or acrylic nails, you must apply a nourishing mask.

Recipe: Take one part of olive oil and one part of corn oil; heat the mixture in a water bath. Coat your nails with this solution, gently rubbing it into each nail.

Then file your nails with a buffing nail file or a piece of genuine suede fabric. Thanks to this procedure, you can avoid peeling; your nails will be smooth and shiny. Special home care after removal of artificial nails involves strengthening using creams that will enhance blood circulation and metabolism. Rub sea buckthorn oil or sea salt into your nails every day.

Tip: Make your diet balanced, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, and then your nails will be healthy and beautiful.

Caring for acrylic nails is not as complicated as it seems to be at first glance. You have to be careful and use special cosmetics, useful and appropriate for hands and nail care.

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