antifungus essential oils (mini)

How to Choose Essential Oils to Cure Nail Fungus

07.09.2016 Scott H. 0

Toenail fungus and athlete’s foot is a common infection. In most cases, it is caused by hygiene breaches and the use of unsuitable shoes. If the main criterion for choosing footwear is its affordability, […]

Сoconut fungus treatment

How to Use Coconut Oil for Nail Fungus

06.09.2016 Scott H. 0

Do your feet sweat excessively? Do you pay enough attention to calluses and other kinds of footsore? Are there any signs of varicose veins? Or maybe you are fond of water […]

Fungus infected vs healthy nail

Nail Fungus Infection

30.06.2016 Scott H. 0

Nail fungus is a very dangerous disease. It is difficult to be cured and it is easy to spread. This nasty disease leads to discomfort, […]